House League FAQs

When does the House Season Start?
Practices for VYHA House Leagues start in early September…likely right after the Labor Day holiday.  House League games are slated to begin as soon as ice become available at the Berglund Center – likely in mid-October) as we use the BC ice for most of our House League games.

Once the complete schedule for each level of House League has been finalized, they will be posted on the calendar website and via link on the House League page.

What days are the practices and games?
All House League schedules are tentative until registration is complete as the exact make-up at the various age levels is dependent upon the number of players who register at each level.  At this point, we expect that VYHA will offer the following levels of House League:  6U (Mini Mites), 8U (Mites), 10U (Squirts), 12U (Peewees) and Upper House (14U and older).  Tentative schedules are listed in the table at the bottom of the page.

When does the season end?
The season concludes with the VYHA House League Championship Week. This year that week is scheduled for mid-February 2020.  PLEASE NOTE - All teams make the playoffs and to accommodate this large number of participants there will be games on weeknights during the playoffs - at all levels. 

My son/daughter is just starting out – is there a place for him/ her?
We strongly encourage all skaters to have completed the Learn to Play program.  Once your skaters is done with Learn to Play, the House League is the place for them to begin their hockey career!  The goals of the House League are to have fun and to learn the game of hockey. Everyone is welcomed! 

Does everyone play equally? What if my son/daughter is not as good as other kids?
The goal of our House League program is to have fun and learn this great game. Our philosophy is that all the kids play equally.

Can I help with House League?
Yes! VYHA is a volunteer run organization and we are always looking for good people to help. If you have an interest in assisting you may contact Paul Haskins, Chair of the VYHA Player-Coach Committee at