2018 - 2019 RYD Game Ticket Voucher Program

You have the option to sell books of 8 ticket vouchers good for any Rail Yard Dawg game this coming season. Books of eight cost $112 which is due at the time you receive your booklets, payable with a check made out to Valley Youth Hockey Assoc. If you break it down, tickets cost $14 a piece which is the same amount you would pay if you were to buy your ticket at a game. However, with these vouchers, $32 from each booklet sold will go towards your child’s hockey dues for next year! These need to be bought before the Rail Yard Dawg season begins in Early October. Click here to download a form to track your sales.


(You can begin to sell these now, and pick up the correct number needed at the Grand Opening of the Lancer Lot Sports Complex in September.)